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Friday, October 20, 2006

Weekend Reading

A picture like this just blows my mind.

Adobe is doing its best to make the lives of bloggers easier.

Abnormal Returns on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s merger with the Chicago Board of Trade.

Alpha Male tackles the name game between portable alpha and 130/30 strategies.

Brian on the recent weakness in semiconductors.

Precious metals are generating alpha, and Bill Cara covers SLW and SSRI.

Any blog that combines GNR, Bianna Golodryga, and options expiration in the same post gets my attention.

Greg Mankiw on the 300 million mark and over-population.

A worthwhile post from the Hedge Fund blog on why transparency might actually hurt performance….

…yet many hedge funds are outsourcing to improve transparency.

European hedge funds continue to gain momentum.

Larry has a great post on stretch IRA’s and their importance.

Rob Fraim, via The Big Picture, on the 1987 crash. Incredibly interesting.

The Bull Trader on investing in ETF’s versus mutual funds.

Kirk has another great collection of links.

Trader Mike on generating site traffic.

Dr. Brett on capturing stock market momentum.

A funny cartoon from WallStreetFighter.

Vince from InvestorGeeks wrote about a cool new site (new to me) from the Motley Fool.

Like stogies? Of course you do. Check out Cigar Blog 101


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