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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Weekend Reading

I’m headed out of town early tomorrow, so instead of providing my loyal readers with more critically acclaimed portable alpha commentary, you get Weekend Reading.

If you’re a Chuck Norris fan, and seriously who isn’t, you’ll like this.

Abnormal Returns posted a solid link fest yesterday.

Here is a fascinating article on replicating hedge fund performance from All About Alpha.

Brian Shannon discusses Crocs…the weird looking rubber shoes that somehow left the confines of hospitals and found their way onto the feet of children everywhere.

Lindsay from WallStrip had an excellent piece on Crocs too.

Fans of the West Wing (me) and economics (not so much) will enjoy this from Professor Mankiw’s site.

Moving to Connecticut? Take the Hedge Fund Aptitude Test

22 reasons to avoid hedge funds (this is a pretty well written piece for those who don’t know much about hedge funds)

Mounting pressure on fund of Hedge Funds.

Kudlow with some interesting statistics on our troops.

Larry points out the near 80% correlation between the NASB Housing Market Index and the S&P 500.

Greg Newton writes about the drastic over-use of “blow-up” jargon.

The Big Picture on the real state of affairs in the retail sector.

The Bull Trader on the desire of international investors to change the composition of U.S. corporate boards.

Charles Kirk and his battle with a sales rep from INVESTools. Reminds me of Vincent Ferarri trying to cancel AOL.

BullTrapper has a great post on position sizing.

Thanks to Trader Mike for the link on 3 signs that a stock crash is coming.

WallStreetFighter and the Ten Most Valuable Autographs of Living People.


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