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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Goodbye and Goodluck!

I’ve been posting to Portable Alpha Daily for slightly over a year now, learning tremendously about the nuts and bolts of the market and different strategies to generate alpha in a variety of environments. I’ve met and befriended extremely smart investors along the way, many of which have significantly contributed to the growth and success not only of Portable Alpha Daily, but also Alpha Advisor Service, LLC. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Chris (All About Alpha), Adam (Daily Options Report), Brett (TraderFeed) and Larry (Millionaire Now!) for their help and best wishes for their continued success!

As any blogger can attest, blogging takes a tremendous amount of time and thought, which can be draining to say the least. Although I’ve enjoyed sharing my thoughts and analysis with my viewers, the time has come to change direction and devote my energy to other endeavors.

For those investors who appreciated the analysis provided on Portable Alpha Daily, I invite you to take a look at Alpha Advisor Service, LLC. It’s a twice-weekly newsletter that contains everything from the blog and much, much more. Any investor searching for alpha can utilize our research to build and actively manage stock, mutual fund and ETF portfolios. With prices starting at only $19.99 per month, it’s an extremely valuable yet cost-effective tool.

Thank you again and best of luck!



  • Best of luck and please make a ton of money.....
    Please replicate the things that you do best.

    By Blogger Larry Nusbaum, at 11:20 PM  

  • Wishing you the best. I hear you too, it takes lots of effort to put these out, not sure how much more I have in me either.



    By Blogger Adam, at 12:42 PM  

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