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Sunday, March 04, 2007

AAS Top Six on February 23, 2007

The graphs below represent our top rated investments within six different categories as of Friday, February 23, 2007. The analytics we use to rate and select investments are based on a time-weighted alpha rating score that seeks to highlight investments beginning a bullish trend and generating alpha. Only two of the six investments have positive returns with an average gain of 13.97% since the initial “buy” or “short/sell” recommendation. This is by far the worst performance of the AAS Top Six investments since I started this analysis last summer. The only solace I can gather is that with the exception of RYPIX, the losses experienced by the four negative performers are still less than that of the broad market.

I’ve color-coded the graphs to represent one of the three “recommendations” our analytic produces for each security. A red line coincides with a “Short/Sell” recommendation. A blue line represents a “Neutral” or “Hold” recommendation and the green line equates to a “Buy” recommendation.

The green arrow represents the first date that the security became an “AAS Recommended Buy” after previously being an “AAS Recommended Sell.” For the “Short/Sell” group, the red arrow represents the first date that the security became an “AAS Recommended Sell” after previously being “buy” recommended. Also included are the most recent recommendations of each security.

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