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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Welcome Random Roger Fans

Thanks to Roger Nusbaum’s kind words on his blog this morning I’ve gotten quite a jump in viewers today. I’d like to welcome you and offer a bit of insight into what this blog is about. I am indeed a quantitative investment manager with a focus on portable alpha. The whole concept of alpha and its “portability” is too vast to delve into with this post, but suffice it to say that I believe in the theory, and that I believe average investors can invest in it much easier than the industry lets on. Hedge funds are great for wealthy investors, but it’s my opinion that alpha can be “generated” by anyone willing to actively manage a portion of their investment portfolio.

So this blog, which I try to post to daily, includes my thoughts on the overall market as well as the style-boxes and/or sectors where my analysis tells me alpha can be found. The “service” Roger mentioned refers to Alpha Advisor Service, which is a newsletter designed for both private and professional investors seeking to add alpha to their portfolios. And the “outstanding results” he eluded to refer to the model portfolios included with the newsletter that were created based on alpha.

Again, welcome to my blog, I sincerely hope you enjoy it and find it informative. Please feel free to email me or post a comment with any questions, ideas, etc. you might have.


  • The ETF portfolio is quite impressive. I own three of those. Thanks for the free info and I have already bookmarked your blog for my daily reading.

    Keep the good work.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:14 PM  

  • Thanks for the compliment...I'll do my best! Have a good one.

    By Blogger Justin Lenarcic, at 4:35 PM  

  • Justin: Good luck with your blog. I will bookmark it.

    By Blogger Larry Nusbaum, at 9:31 AM  

  • Thanks Larry. Best of luck with your's as well!

    By Blogger Justin Lenarcic, at 9:49 AM  

  • ok. Got you linked on my blog....

    By Blogger Larry Nusbaum, at 9:17 PM  

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